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The Mission of the Foothills was established in 1983 and has been at its current location in Montrose, California for 25 years. 

We believe in a personal approach and work with each individual to determine the exact steps that will help them overcome difficulties and accomplish their goals. 

The mission is known for its warm and friendly atmosphere, where people often pop in just for a nice break or conversation. 

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Start a marriage that will last a lifetime  —  Begin a life of     joy together

Getting married is an adventure. Because when     you're getting married, you're doing something you don't know     anything about. Did you ever think of     that?
—  L. Ron Hubbard

To begin a voyage as important as marriage, there are things     you need to know. Then you can chart your course.
Any successful marriage is built upon basic principles. If you     also have the tools for difficulties in a marriage — and know how     to use them — you can establish a happy union that lasts a     lifetime.

On the Creating a Successful Marriage Course you will     learn:

  • The components to build a lasting relationship — and how to     use them.
  • The first requisite of a successful marriage and each     partner's role in creating it.
  • Why it is important to share the same goals.

When you use the knowledge and tools you learn on this course,     you can positively bring about a happy, fulfilling marriage.

"This course was incredibly helpful and eye‑opening. The     concepts are applicable not only in marriage, but in everyday     life as well and all relationships. I feel really excited to     move forward and put these things into practice and I feel     elated and happy. I think this course is vitally important to     anyone who wants to embark upon a lifelong adventure with a     partner." —  D.G.
"I know how to choose someone for marriage not just because     I'm in love. We have to be able to communicate and be on the     same page. That bad feeling I used to have is now gone because     I now understand why! That made a world of difference and I'm     very thankful for this course. I will also make my future     husband take this course before I marry him." —  J.T.
"Regardless if you are married, divorced or single, take     this course. It explains the failure and/or success of all     marriage and gives specific things to look for in creating a     marriage." —  D.B.
"I have a lot more certainty and know‑how on being in a     marriage and how to have a happy one! I now can have a lifelong     relationship with the right person, whereas before I started I     did not feel that way." —  J.P.

Length of course is 3 days part-time.


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