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The Mission of the Foothills was established in 1983 and has been at its current location in Montrose, California for 25 years. 

We believe in a personal approach and work with each individual to determine the exact steps that will help them overcome difficulties and accomplish their goals. 

The mission is known for its warm and friendly atmosphere, where people often pop in just for a nice break or conversation. 

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With love and affection... Give your baby the best in life

It is not possible to "spoil" a child with love and     affection. …A child needs all the love and affection it can     possibly get.
—  L. Ron Hubbard

From conception through infancy, every parent wants to do the     most they can and give their child the best possible start in     life.

But what should a mother do? What should she avoid? And what     should the father know to be a good parent?
Parents need to know what can affect an unborn child. If a     child can remember things from before birth, what should     parents do to benefit the child most?

The answers to these questions are contained in the Having     a Happy Baby Course.

On this course you will learn:

  • What to avoid as a pregnant mother and what to do to     protect your child during development in the womb — and during     delivery and infancy.
  • Why it is important to take care of yourself as a pregnant     mother and what measures will have the greatest benefit for     your child.
  • How to do assists to help yourself as a mother and to     benefit your child.

On this course, both mother and father will gain knowledge and     tools that increase a baby's well‑being to the utmost. You will     know what to avoid and what to do so your child's beginning     years are the best.

"This course was really what I needed to help us become     more informed parents. I immediately started applying it after     I read it. Generally, I just feel more prepared to effectively     handle myself and the baby now and in the future!" —  J.P.
"This course teaches you to prepare everything (starting     with yourself as an expectant mother) to give birth to a happy     baby. The course gives you tools to make sure your baby will be     happy." —  M.M.
"I learned so much that I never knew before about babies,     pregnancy and newborns. The information is so vitally important     I'm really glad I've done the course before having my first     child. I would take forever to list out everything I learned.     Things you wouldn't learn anywhere else but Scientology." —  J.B.

Length of course is 3 days part-time.


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