Mission of the Foothills

The Mission of the Foothills was established in 1983 and has been at its current location in Montrose, California for 25 years. 

We believe in a personal approach and work with each individual to determine the exact steps that will help them overcome difficulties and accomplish their goals. 

The mission is known for its warm and friendly atmosphere, where people often pop in just for a nice break or conversation. 

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Success and Happiness... is there a proven route?
There is — it's open for all

The man who has his ideals, no matter how     thoroughly he may be persuaded to desert them, survives well     only so long as he is true to those ideals.
—  L. Ron Hubbard

Someone who is honest and outspoken will accomplish his goals     far easier than someone who is dishonest and withdrawn. Living     up to your own ideals is a sure road to success. But how does     one live up to them?

Learn the underlying reasons that people lose personal     integrity and withdraw from others. Discover the tools that can     turn your life around and make you happier, more productive and     prosperous.

On the Personal Values & Integrity Course you will     learn:

  • How to determine your own personal values, and how those     values influence your life.
  • The exact definitions of good and evil, right and wrong,     and how you can use this knowledge to lead a happier and more     successful life.
  • How to restore your personal integrity, improve conditions     in your life and help others improve theirs.

As L. Ron Hubbard put it:

"If Man only knew the     simple technology of Ethics, he could achieve for himself the     self‑respect, personal satisfaction and success that he only     believes himself capable of dreaming of, not     attaining."

This course is your opportunity to make those dreams a factual     reality. With the know‑how to handle the causes behind your     misfortunes, you can change your life for the better and make     those a thing of the past.

"I am such a different person now. Never have I had such an     amazing change so quick. I am so much more stable, happy and     certain. I have certainty in myself and my actions and know     that I can and will create a better future." —  M.B.
"It was a lovely feeling to have completed this course     because it has made me feel that 'me' is worth something in     life. I want success in loving myself and I'm doing that now. I     am throwing my self‑hatred out the door."  — H.F.
"This is really a course in being alive again. I feel a     great relief and I know it is possible to achieve greater     happiness and create again, based on truth, honesty and     integrity." —  P.G.

Length of course is 7 days part-time.


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